Thursday, April 22, 2010

hi. please do your physics quiz at

user is your y10hcixxxx
and pass is nric

for the physics ILP, the groupings are ( edited on 23rd )

1 zhengjie, hongkee, jiemin, zhouyi
2 jiexuan, daniel, inez, chyanwen, delwin
3 esther, fangming, leif , xunda
4 lingfeng, kimberley, benedict, samuel, yuanzhao
5 jasmine, nicksim, meiqi, xiaolu
6 churnhoe, samantha, qinhong, yidi

physics quiz deadline is tomorrow 12pm/tonight, so please do it. part of your CA

on another note, please stop posing as nic sim on the tagboard. just use your own name and stop making fun of him


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