Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi 6C!

with utmost regret, i have to announce that after tomorrow, we will have finished ALL the food that we "earned" from cross country. this is due to the fact that our class is made up of hungry "ghosts" who keep telling me to bring MORE food. bringing MORE food per day = the food supply depletes FASTER = you will have nothing to eat sooner.

And guys (you know who you are), please me gentlemanly and don't gobble up all the food on your own/ keep taking what i passed to the girls. take the initiative to pass them to the girls next time. (: they want food too. majority of the time, the girls are left with nothing to eat because you all polished it all up. dont say that its because the girls dont want ok! if you pass it to them, they do take!

Thank you very much


PS. i do not have as much money as you think i do/ you wish i had/ i wish i have. i cant keep supplying the class with food to the extent where everyone is fed fully. i can/ do not mind bringing small snacks everyday, but not a lot of them everyday.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi 6C!

Hope first week of term 2 went well for everyone!

Anyway, hope that everyone noticed that we have a journal entry assignment for GP. We're suppose to give comments about the work submission system and/or suggest ways to discourage late submissions.

Please note that it's due on Monday, 29 March.

Chyan Wen

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

does anyone want to go to astrigue ( stargazing thingy ) ??

and if we are bored during the course of it we can walk around school for fun

it's on saturday, 3rd of april, from 7pm to 7am

maybe we can catch a movie before that then come to school

and, the 2nd of april is GOOD FRIDAY. which means HOLIDAY!! so don't say no time please :C i also very busy :(


Thursday, March 18, 2010

hello! this holidays, we have to do:

Tutorial 1B.
Prepare (?) for test in T2Wk2 on 1st lecture topic

Finish Lecture 1 Tutorial
Start Lecture 2 Tutorial

Group Work
study for redox reaction test in t2Wk1

Group Work
do tutorial 6
read through the lecture 7 notes to prepare for the case study test

Mock PI

Newspaper article 3

(i know its a bit late to post this now, but its better than nothing?)

OH! Monday's PT will be in LT3. we have some principal address thing. that means we dont have to present the powerpoint on ourselves yet.


GP quiz answers (to be edited)

1. 1977
2. National Heritage Board
3. Ministry of Information and the Arts
4. Mr Raymond Lim

6. The Cabinet, Public Service Commission and Parliament of Singapore
7. Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority
Board of Architects
Civil Service College
8. 15
9. 11
10. Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Law and Ministry of Health

12. 710.3 sq km
13. 63
14. pedra branca
15. malaysia
16. parliamentary democracy

17. Chan Sek Keong
18. Mr Abdullah Tarmugi
19. Mr Lim Boon Heng
a. CapitaLand Limited
b. Fraser and Neave Limited
c. Popular Holdings

22. Zubir Said
23. Sinnathamby Rajaratnam
24. 15
25. Mr Chiam See Tong
26. India and Japan
27. 4.4 million
29. 4.6 million (dec 2006)
30. ASEAN, UN, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
31. 3000km
32. 150km
33. 80.5 years
34. 2,495,900
35. 33,393 cases
36. 99.9%
37. 3583
38. 304,400
39. 28,730
40. 91.1%


42. 17605
44. 3,370,000 (2009)
45. 107
47. 20
48. 14.5
49. Officially opened on October 12, 2002
50. National Solidarity Party
* People's Action Party - Ruling party
* Singapore Democratic Party
* Workers' Party of Singapore
* Democratic Progressive Party

51. Alfian Sa’at
52. 65
53. Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore
54. Mainly I Love Kids
55. 7%
56. Ms Olivia Lum
57. Criminal justice division
Civil justice division
Family justice division
Juvenile justice division

58. 17% (2008)
59. Lee Kuan Yew
60. Goh Chok Tong

61. 24,607 (I am not sure about this. Inez)
64. 21 years
65. 18 years
66. 21 years
67. 1.28 children born per woman
68. All nominees must be at least 18 years of age as at the date of nomination to enter the nomination exercise, and if under 21 but above 18 years of age, parental consent must be obtained (I'm not sure about this. Inez)
69. 96.3%
70. $ 474,388
71. 1982
72. 1.1 kg (I'm not sure about this either. Inez)
73. Environmental Pollution Control Act(EPCA)1999 and Environmental Pollution Control(Air Impurities)Regulations 2000
74. National Council of Social Services (NCSS)
75. Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS)
76. G, PG, NC-16, M-18 and R21
77. US$ 187,834.30 million (Feb 2010)
78. World: Overall Competitiveness – 3rd
World’s Freest Economy – 2nd
World’s Top 20 Most Globalised Nations – 1st
79. Malaysia, Japan, US, Indonesia and China
80. Drama Centre and Victoria Theatre


81. Where are the 3 NEWater factories located?
Bedok, Kranji and Seletar Water Reclamation Plants

82. How many people were arrested in 2007 for drug abuse?

83. Which is the oldest reservoir in Singapore?
MacRitchie Reservoir

84. What is the latest project by the Public Utilities Board to increase local water supply source?
Municipal Water Reuse Markets 2010

85. Which statutory board operates as the central bank of Singapore?
Monetary Authority of Singapore

86. How much Baby Bonus do parents receive for their first child?

87. Which organization is Singapore chairing this year?
Youth Olympic Committee

88. What does HOTA stand for?
DOTA!!! Juz kidding... Singapore Human Organ Transplants Act

89. What is the difference between an embassy and a mission?
An embassy normally signifies that there are full diplomatic relations with a country and the relationship is significant enough for a senior diplomat, i.e. an ambassador, to be based there. A mission could be either a temporary diplomatic office, pending the setting up of a full embassy, or could be a branch office of an embassy.
90. What is the number of airline flights use Changi Airport per week?

91. What is the percentage of Singapore households with broadband users?

92. According to Global Information Technology Report 205/06, World Economic Forum, what was Singapore’s ranking in the list of “World’s Most Network-Ready Country”?
2nd place

93. How many embassies and missions has Singapore established worldwide?

94. How many foreign embassies and missions are based in Singapore?

95. When was Singapore admitted into the United Nations?
21 September 1965

96. Under the Internal Security Act (ISA), how long can a person, deemed to pose an active threat to Singapore, be detained without trial?
60 days

97. Name 3 departments or statutory boards that make up the Home Team in the Ministry of Home Affairs.
Central Narcotics Bureau, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore Police Force

98. According the Yellow Ribbon Project, how many ex-offenders are released each year from prison to be integrated into society?

99. Which are the capital crimes in Singapore?
Kidnapping, drug trafficking, first-degree murder, perjury that results in execution of innocent person, abetting suicide of person under 18 or “insane”, etc.

100. What is the minimum amount of cocaine or heroine trafficked that is punishable by the death penalty?
Cocaine: 30g
Heroine: 15g

Adnux xD
Hey 6C!

Hope you all are having a good holiday so far.

If you have already checked SMB, you would have seen Mrs Tan's announcement on the pop quiz she has just given us.

So to speed up our productivity, shall I split the class up to do different questions?

Questions 1-20 will be done by Ling Feng, Zheng Jie, Jie Xuan, Daniel and Esther.
Questions 21-40 will be done by Fang Ming, Inez, Jasmine, Kimberley and I.
Questions 41-60 will be done by Delwin, Churn Hoe, Nicholas, Benedict and Hong Kee.
Questions 61-80 will be done by Mei Qi, Samantha, Qin Hong, Samuel and Xiaolu.
Questions 81-100 will be done by Leif, Jie Min, Yidi, Xunda, Yuanzhao and Zhou Yi.

To speed up the process even more, perhaps you all can even split up the work among the group.

When you/your group is done with your set of questions, please do upload the answers on class blog! Mrs Tan put up the announcement yesterday so yeah... :(

Let's do this as a class k! Then we can do less work yet still accomplish the task. Class blog user and password will be sent to your email if you have already forgotten!

If you have any queries please feel free to ask me :D

Your friendly GP rep

Saturday, March 13, 2010

hi remember to pass up your physics question 23, send it to asap!!

try to submit before tomorrow, and help me pass the message!

physics rep

Thursday, March 11, 2010

class outing~~

hi guys,
here is information pertaining to our first class outing! ^^

when: monday 15/3, 3.30 - ~11pm
where: CHANGE IN VENUE- Cineleisure
- watch Dear John (5.00pm)
- play pool// bowling (?? TBC)
- loiter in a large crowd
- dinner
- night walk through town, kidding.

how to get there: Dhoby Ghaut MRT, 174 and lots of others, taxi.
for easy reference: MRT MAP, SBS GUIDE

hmm, i understand that some of you guys have trainings and all but then do join us for dinner okay, anyway i think we would end late.

well yeap, good luck for gp test tomorrow!

edit/ esther

list of people going:
churn hoe
chyan wen
hong kee
jie min
mei qi
qin hong

oh, rsvp on msn// sms me or someone else who's going okay, so we would roughly know how many people there are.

those coming from school, will you be wearing school u// half u?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Please bring $10 for class funds tomorrow! this will be the last time i am collecting money from you people for THIS term. i am really sorry! (but we really have quite a few things to collect tomorrow and the class fund is not enough to pay for all the things!)



Saturday, March 6, 2010

im bored while waiting for my vid to upload.. enjoy :)


Tuesday, March 2, 2010



we have a youtube account registered under our email. the username is 10S6C and password is the same as the one used for the email account. its meant to be used to upload our Physics experiment videos and random videos that you want to share. (:

Inez (:

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hi all,

here is a damn cool video of our very own DM, Ken Yeow dancing to wondergirl's Nobody


(copy and paste URL in browser then press enter, u will be asked to download. dun worry no virus. u wont regert;)

Hey 6C!

Hope HBL has been treating you all nicely so far *ahem*.

So anyway, please be reminded that the diary entry and 2 pertinent problems thing will be collected on Wednesday!

Newspaper article 2, on the other hand, will be collected next Monday ok.

Jiayou everyone!

Your friendly GP rep