Monday, July 26, 2010

physics quiz answers


remains the same


B to C, C to D, A to B, D to E

Towards the bottom of this page





in the opposite of direction of E into a parabolic path.

four times the kinetic energy and twice the velocity

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Class Benchhhhhh

Hi everyoneeeeeee,

Ok so as some you all may have know, we have failed our bench check again (!!!). If I'm not wrong this is our 2nd time, so if we fail one more time then we will be moved.

I know some of you all may like it better outside the audi, but that's not the pointttt. The point is we should keep our class bench clean and nice.

The other day I saw some disposable cups and food wrappers on our class bench. That's damn gross! Please don't leave food-y stuff (or any other rubbish for that matter) on the class bench. If you see any rubbish, please help to just throw it away on your way to wherever you are going.

If you're gonna leave stuff at the class bench while going for lessons, please place them nicely at the corner of the table or under the table (just make it look nice).

Oh and it doesn't just apply to our class bench, we should help the seniors too yeah. This is a collective effort ok, please do your part in keeping the bench clean. It isn't very difficult.

Heh let's aim to not kena any fail bench check again yeah!

Chyan Wen

(sorry ah, just to add on, the class bench is (most of the time) littered with empty bottles, teh bing cups, muah chee packets etc when i reach school in the morning (i reach school the earliest, and i throw them away, thats why no one sees them). please throw away after you eat or drink? because sometimes there are a lot of ants on the table, and its honestly quite disgusting throwing away other people's leftovers that is ant laden. tyvm. inez)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi 6C!

BLOCKS ARE OVER! (: enjoy yourselves before reality hits us hard next week.

anyway, those of you who still owe class funds, please pay up.

Those who need to pay $25:
Churn Hoe

Those who need to pay $8.50:
Fang Ming
Ling Feng
Zheng Jie
Jie Min

there is a difference because the 6 people didnt go for GEMS, so they did not use the 16.50 to pay for ice skating. anyway, the 6 people, please be prepared to have to pay another $10 in the case that the school doesnt want to return the whole $260 for GEMS.

Enjoy your long weekend!