Monday, April 5, 2010


hey 6C!

Hwa Chong Junior College Choir presents to you: Voices In Flight 2010 ♥

May 15, Saturday
University Cultural Centre (NUS)

Tickets are available through Hwa Chong Institution (College).

We promise you a night of good music - one that is heartfelt.

The ticket prices are : $18, $25 and $36 if you order from CT (according to my friend)

BUT! i can order for you guys from my friend who can get the ticket for us (for the $18 one) at $15 (:

you guys want to go as a class? Seats are limited--> need to order earlier. SMS me if you want to go. i'll ask the class tomorrow (Tues) too!

OH! there is a band concert coming up too! 29 May, Saturday (Jie Xuan said this), and Dance Night is on 30th and 31st May (Sunday and Monday). MORE DETAILS TO COME WHEN I GET IT! (:


PS. Be prepared to pay class funds again soon. probably next week or the following week... (*MOANS AND COMPLAINTS FROM 10S6C)

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