Saturday, April 10, 2010

Every night in my dreams~

you know how the little curvy protruding thing (yes it sounds wrong...) at the stands behind the flagpoles facing the basketball courts at the central plaza always remind me of

About Jack and Rose's romantic tragedy?
About the unfortunate plight of the Titanic?
About sacrifices and undying love?
About how i wasnt allowed to watch this when i was 6 years old?

IRONICALLY, or rather, coincidentally, the Titanic set sail on 10 April, today, 98 years ago.
lets all observe a minute of silence
Save our souls :')

Martin Luther once said, "I Have A Dream".
well, i say, "I Have A Plan".

In response to the problem of depleting class funds, i have decided to apply my pw skills to amalgamate. whats better than merging a box office hit and the coolest class to act out the famous scene from ~titanic~? its going to be

we will have
the male lead, Jack;
the female lead, Rose;
all the violinists + band members to play the signature theme song;
while the remaining will be in charge of props + stage direction + everything not.
oh, and most importantly, bringing hats to solicit seek for donations of all forms (food and in kind) from the audience.

such a great way to earn some ka-ching// fill our stomachs isnt it?

and wow, we get to take home some learning points too!
1. create awareness of the Titanic
2. learn from mistakes from the disaster (not be complacent yadda yadda)
3. the power of everlasting, self-sacrificial love
4. public spiritedness. As involved in the community as always, we will donate 5% of our earnings to Singapore Association for Counselling. we all know some lost souls need help.
5. entrepreneurship skills - heeding the Singapore's call for more bold, risk taking people.

so, application begins now!!!!!
start applying to be the dearest self-sacrificial Jack or strongwilled Rose!
there is no criteria to be either character - meaning, cross dressing is totally allowed.
well, quick send your applications through telegram!

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart and
My heart will go on and on


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