Wednesday, April 7, 2010


HI 6C!

all of you can finally stop asking me when is STJ.

Everything from here onwards up till before my name is from the senior class blog:

Hey S6C!

STJ is finally here! I know many have been waiting expectantly, so here are the details:

Target: Abner's House (66 Jalan Dermawan)
Date: 11th April (Sunday)
Time: 5pm-10pm

All those who can meet at 4.30pm, please go to the Al-Ameen bus stop, aka the one opposite Beauty World Center. We will take bus 173 from there. BUS PARTY.

We will be revealing Angel and Mortal on that day, so do bring along your gifts for revealing. Anyway the highlight isn't so much of the revealing, but it is the GIFTS :D so better start buying your gifts now. Or you can wait till saturday.

Other than A&M revealing, there's also guitar hero, ping pong, and a big open space. So do come down and have a night of alcohol enjoyment and fun!

For those who will be going late and cannot join the group, the directions are in the pictures below so don't get lost because no one will come and find you!

See you there!

Pic of Target House
Bus Directions

INEZ! (:

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