Friday, April 30, 2010

HEY 6C! (:

hmm before you read what you dont want to read, this is just a reminder that you have to go and do your peer evaluation for Chem AA, PIP project proposal, Phy quiz on ISP, hand in PI by next tuesday for Ms Claire to mark, GPP presentation on Wednesday and Econs ILP. there is a chem test next wednesday. OH! GP essay test is postponed to 11 May. Chinese students remember that you have a 词语测验 on the 3rd 课文 and 剪报 due next Wednesday.

WARNING: what you are going to read next is not something you want to see. you get what i mean?

Please bring $10 for Physics TYS on Tuesday. Its supposedly $10.20, but you all only need to bring $10. (I'm so nice! I discounted 20 cents for you!)

ok! thats the end of my announcement. if you want me to post up the rest of the homework that we have to do or what upcoming tests we have, tell me! (:


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