Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi 6C!

with utmost regret, i have to announce that after tomorrow, we will have finished ALL the food that we "earned" from cross country. this is due to the fact that our class is made up of hungry "ghosts" who keep telling me to bring MORE food. bringing MORE food per day = the food supply depletes FASTER = you will have nothing to eat sooner.

And guys (you know who you are), please me gentlemanly and don't gobble up all the food on your own/ keep taking what i passed to the girls. take the initiative to pass them to the girls next time. (: they want food too. majority of the time, the girls are left with nothing to eat because you all polished it all up. dont say that its because the girls dont want ok! if you pass it to them, they do take!

Thank you very much


PS. i do not have as much money as you think i do/ you wish i had/ i wish i have. i cant keep supplying the class with food to the extent where everyone is fed fully. i can/ do not mind bringing small snacks everyday, but not a lot of them everyday.

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