Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hey 6C!

Hope you all are having a good holiday so far.

If you have already checked SMB, you would have seen Mrs Tan's announcement on the pop quiz she has just given us.

So to speed up our productivity, shall I split the class up to do different questions?

Questions 1-20 will be done by Ling Feng, Zheng Jie, Jie Xuan, Daniel and Esther.
Questions 21-40 will be done by Fang Ming, Inez, Jasmine, Kimberley and I.
Questions 41-60 will be done by Delwin, Churn Hoe, Nicholas, Benedict and Hong Kee.
Questions 61-80 will be done by Mei Qi, Samantha, Qin Hong, Samuel and Xiaolu.
Questions 81-100 will be done by Leif, Jie Min, Yidi, Xunda, Yuanzhao and Zhou Yi.

To speed up the process even more, perhaps you all can even split up the work among the group.

When you/your group is done with your set of questions, please do upload the answers on class blog! Mrs Tan put up the announcement yesterday so yeah... :(

Let's do this as a class k! Then we can do less work yet still accomplish the task. Class blog user and password will be sent to your email if you have already forgotten!

If you have any queries please feel free to ask me :D

Your friendly GP rep

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