Saturday, February 27, 2010


I know this is super anti climax... BUT

Please remember that we are only supposed to use one of the class benches. Because Delwin comes to school the earliest, he gets to choose which bench to sit at (which is the one closer to the central plaza). That means, the rest of us have to follow him and ONLY USE THAT BENCH. The other bench is STRICTLY RESERVED FOR THE SENIORS. Even if the seniors are not there, you are NOT SUPPOSED to use the bench.

For Ling Feng, Chyan Wen, Delwin, Jie Xuan, Nic Sim, Hong Kee, Churn Hoe, Qin Hong, Kimberley and all the other subject reps (who is the math rep? Leif, is it you?? If not can you be?), remember that we are the first group of people who have to come up with a presentation about ourselves on Thursday!


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